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Intoxicated Cakes by Rasa

Rasa has a passion for creating uniquely flavoured cakes by taking unusual ingredients and adding them during the baking process or the finishing process to create uniquely spiced cakes and desserts.  Why the name "Intoxicated Cakes" ???  Contrary to what you might believe, not all the cakes are baked or finished with alcohol.  Spices such as cayenne pepper or liquid smoke can also be found combined with chocolate or pumpkin!  Each cake is "intoxicated" with rich, bold or subtle flavours to create a unique cake each time.  




Our Recent Work

Cupcakes...100 of them!

We had fun making this video, with fantastic music by Ray Montford

The Margarita Lime Cake

The Margarita Lime Cake has many layers of goodness!  Fantastic music by Ray Montford


Rasa Krokys

Owner, Creator & Baker

It all started a long time ago when I started helping my mother bake cakes.  She taught me to whip up the egg whites and fold them in carefully to make sure the cake would be nice and light and moist.  Many years later, while I was attending a beer course, I tasted a raspberry chocolate stout beer...all I could think of was to make a black forest cake with it....and an idea was born!  Why not bake cakes with unusual ingredients that would lend themselves to changing how we perceive each delectable bite?  


I just found a red wine infused with dutch dark chocolate...keep your eyes open for my next creation!


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