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Ketogenic/Vegan/Gluten-Free Cakes and Desserts

Ketogenic Cakes are made with low-glycemic sugar that will not spike your blood sugar levels.  Ketogenic cakes are not made with gluten and are often low or free of carbohydrates. Ketogenic cakes are Diabetic friendly! Ketogenic cakes may be non-vegan.


Vegan cakes contain no animal products, such as eggs, dairy, animal fats.  Vegan cakes are not necessarily free of gluten or processed sugar.


Gluten-free cakes are just that, free of gluten that is dangerous for celiacs.  Gluten-free cakes can be non-vegan and can contain processed sugar.


To make it easier for you to decide what is right for you, I have labelled each cake with the appropriate corresponding letters.


Please contact me for more information about cakes and pricing!

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